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Speaker overview - Participating Partners

Sorted by order of appearance (of program).

Reducing the GDPR target

James Watson

On May 25, 2018 GDPR is the new reality. The main emphasis of GDPR is on Personal Information. GDPR aims to protect personal data rights such as the right to be informed, the right of access and the right to erasure (also known as the right to be forgotten).

However, there's much more to be considered. The protection of personal data of data subjects/people has gotten high priority within the EU. GDPR impacts the many information management processes, compliance regulation and transparency needs within any organization.

In this presentation EPI-USE Labs will give insight, practical advice and demonstrate their solutions to help getting compliant with GDPR.

SAP Intrusion Detection

Ivan Mans

A call for real-time security alerts. Learn how attackers, both outside and inside your organization could access your most prized data.

Find out how an intrusion detection system can continuously bolster SAP cybersecurity beyond patching vulnerabilities.

Role Concept: The key success factor for GDPR compliancy and User Provisioning success

Johan Hermans
CSI tools

Role concept: The key success factor for GDPR compliancy and User Provisioning process.

The role concept design is critical for successful Identity Access Management or Compliant User Provisioning projects as well as for GDPR compliancy.

This session will cover concepts for SAP ECC as S/4HANA as HANA:

  • Who are the role concept stakeholders?
  • What are the role concept criteria?
  • What are the different role concepts and their (dis)advantages?
  • Which technical considerations do we have to take into account?

Your company data: Here, there...
and everywhere?

Jaap van der Meer
Virtual Forge

Virtual Forge, leading provider of software in securing SAP systems, introduces a brand-new solution to let you keep track of your interfaces: InterfaceProfiler. Virtual Forge is proud to introduce this new solution in Belgium during the Security Event.

InterfaceProfiler helps companies to keep track of system landscapes continuously growing in complexity. Originating from a central SAP system, InterfaceProfiler analyzes all communication relations of the entire system landscape. In doing so, InterfaceProfiler also examines interfaces that many users are not even aware of, like unauthorized downloads of lists via SAPGUI or direct access on the database. Of course, communication with external systems is also a fixed component of the analysis.

Automatic SAP Security Patching

Fred van den Langenberg- Joris van de Vis

For many SAP customers, the process of selecting and applying the relevant SAP Security patches to their systems, remains a complete mystery. Despite the available Solution Manager functionality and the information in the OSS Security Notes, many companies that use SAP have not developed a good method of dealing with SAP Security Notes.

In this presentation ERP-SEC will provide you with practical tips for the selection and (partly) automated application of SAP Security Notes.

Using SAP Solution Manager to secure your
SAP landscape

Tim Lynen
axl & trax

Be prepared to avoid Cyberattacks on your landscape by using the SAP Solution Manager tools that are available in release 7.2. These tools will help you with increasing security in your SAP environment.

The tools like System Recommendations, Security Dashboards & (Near) Realtime Alerts, Interface Monitoring and User Procedure Logging will be discussed.

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